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M = Microlearning

August 20, 2018


D = Death by PowerPoint

March 5, 2018
Only PowerPoint Presentations or a more blended learning approach?
The uploaded image from LinkedIn's Instructional Designers and Curriculum Writers forum refers.

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E = Elements of Learning Experience

February 1, 2018
What elements would you include in a comprehensive learning experience toolkit? I attempt to expand on an already extensive list provided by a fellow LinkedIn Learning, Education and Training Professionals Group member.

You may have to increase your screen-size setting somewhat in order to expand this LinkedIn graphic, for a more comfortable reading experience.

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Evaluate for Plagiarism

September 26, 2017
The elephant in the room is Evaluation – as per the ADDIE Model of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.

Granted, this is usually applied as ADDIE; but there is a strong case for applying it as ADDEI; where the necessary due diligence and checks other than fit and proper are performed prior to trade and roll-out.

If you are a training material broker, it would be irresponsible for you to trade in content that is not Subject Matter Expert (SME) vetted and checked for p...

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M = Measuring Training Writing/Writer's

March 14, 2017
Jada M Addison, MA, an Innovative Change Agent, Resourceful Knowledge Executive, Agile Training Specialist, asked on LinkedIn:
How Do I Measure Training Technical Writing/Writers?

"I will be adding two technical writers to our ever-growing training and development team. I will need to create criteria for measuring their written work.
  • What is the best way to determine the quality of the work they produce? 
  • Is it best to create a written feedback form and send to participants and ask them to measu...

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T = To Measure or not to Measure Writing Outputs

March 14, 2017
Training and development generally, and technical writing particularly are not like baseball - three strikes, and you're out.

Rather, it is an iterative process, with as many SME reviews and corrections as it takes to produce quality documents.

Typically, with writing any piece of content, measuring is more an art than a science. It's like asking how long is a piece of string? The reason being, that content length and complexity varies from project to project, with multiple variables, some unkn...

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70:20:10 Learning Mix

June 22, 2016
Seventy-Twenty-Ten Learning Mix or 70:20:10 Learning Mix-up?

Attracting and retaining savvy talent has got - well - complicated. Gone are the days when a mechanistic model of learning could be willy-nilly applied in the workplace with any measure or hope of success. Here are some reasons why.

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S = Stickability

June 20, 2016
So how does learning stick?

Glad you asked. The post from Linked In's Learning, Education and Training Professionals Group below, attempts to answer this.

See the Learning Transfer category for more great ideas (You may need to zoom in to get a clearer view).

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N = Needs Analysis

January 26, 2015
So often the perceived need is band-aided - by providing soft-skills training in order to help managers achieve their goals

Click on the upper graphic to gain the gist of a similar LInkedIn correspondent's dilemma. Thereafter, click on the lower one to find my response to his question, together with several new and allied questions that arise, as I attempt gain clarity around what indeed led to his original question, and how best to tackle it.

Does this discussion spark off or resonate with a q...

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I = Instructional Designer

November 10, 2014
How would you describe the role of an Instructional Designer? 
Is this distinct from that of a Subject Matter Expert?

Glad you asked - as this was the subject of a LInkedIn query to which I replied. Also under discussion, was the pivotal process of Needs Analysis and Subject Matter Experts. Intriguing? Zoom in on the graphic below for more:

Have you or do you need to determine a perceived learning need, and want to discuss this with a Learning Specialist or Consultant? Kindly click on the Contac...

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