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Operating from Durban since 2011, CRASSOCS offers you both Content Development and Content Enhancing specialist services.


CRASSOCS provides both Consultancy and/or Specialist Implementation Services - allowing you to choose the level and mode of value-added services best suited your company's requirements:

  • Editing, Sub-editing & Proofreading
  • Curriculum Design & Training Course Development
  • Business Writing & Journalism
  • Technical Manual Layouts & Content Drafting
  • Policy and Procedure Documentation

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You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time - ensuring the enhancement of your Human Development and Intellectual Capital investments.


So, Dionisio Tato left a reason for downloading my ADDIE Model - Your Quick-reference Performance Support Tool:

"Dear Carl, your document is well organized and easy to read. It provides a practical and effective way to learn ADDIE. Good Work! Thank You!" -- D Tato,

"I just wanted to say a SMALL but actually BIG thank you for all your valued input and effort this year to date. Your perspective and comments have really contributed significantly.  

Thank you again for being such a valued influence in my journey." -- Chantelle van Zyl, Director, C v Zyl Research and Learning Development (Pty) Ltd. Member of Golden Key International Honours Society

"Carl, you have provided some insightful information; I really appreciate your perspective. I like the analogy that training and development, like technical writing, is not like baseball (whereas three strikes and you're out). Again, thanks for the information. I definitely have a lot more to consider." -- Jada M Addison, MA in a LinkedIn group conversation

"Thank you for becoming a contributor to the AMI Virtual Campus, helping us in our ambitious goal of transforming Africa through excellent management." View it at -- Rebecca Harrison and the AMI team

". . . took on and successfully completed the development of material for our MasterClass Criminal Justice Programme, together with the relevant supportive implementation documentation." -- J A de Freitas, Advocate, Durban

" I just wanted to thank you for the excellent editing of the magazine. It is great to have you on the team!" -- Christy Herselman, Editor, Fuel Magazine, Durban

"Thank you for completing the Contest Handover for richardliang81's contest, write a profile for my company .

Congratulations on your success! The prize money has been released to your account and richardliang81 is the proud new owner of the entry you created, entry #16." -- Freelancer Technology Pty Limited


You've turned hobbies into careers, achieved incredible professional goals, overcome personal challenges and found human connection through study.

Your stories have continuously inspired the FutureLearn team and brought us closer to our mission of creating enjoyable, social and credible learning experiences where anyone, anywhere can enjoy the transformative power of education.

Thank you for being a part of our journey so far. Here’s to you and the next ten million 🥂." -- Lily and the FutureLearn team

Your Content is King - Make CRASSOCS your King-maker!

* CARL ROODNICK ASSOCIATES has undergone a logo re-branding process during 2018, from C R A to CRASSOCS 

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