Jada M Addison, MA, an Innovative Change Agent, Resourceful Knowledge Executive, Agile Training Specialist, asked on LinkedIn:
How Do I Measure Training Technical Writing/Writers?

"I will be adding two technical writers to our ever-growing training and development team. I will need to create criteria for measuring their written work.
  • What is the best way to determine the quality of the work they produce? 
  • Is it best to create a written feedback form and send to participants and ask them to measure the documents and materials they received? 
  • Is there a baseline for when illustrations should be used in a document? 
  • If the document had be to be sent back for editing more than twice (or perhaps thrice) after the SME's have reviewed it and corrections are still needed, should it count towards the overall metrics of the technical writer? 
Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated!"

Here's the practical solution I offered Ms Addison:

Assuming you've got your ducks above (see T = To Measure or not to Measure) in a row - how do you measure writer outputs?

Reward, monitor, and measure the quality of your L&D team writer's outputs rather than the quantity of each member's outputs.

Ensure that you conduct 360-degree measurement, with the weighting biased towards customer satisfaction - both internal and external customers. A Balanced Scorecard approach could be the solution you are seeking.

A relevant picture is worth a 1000 words, so there is no set baseline for the number of illustrations included in a document.